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At peace with nature

The Dolomites, an ideal place to sit back and unwind: Treat yourself to a time-out in lush green nature and breathe in the soothing peace and tranquillity of your surroundings.

The mountains are a place of peace and tranquillity, in which time a full new meaning wins. Let the calming sound of the water and the gentle song of nature restore your inner balance and calm.

Beautiful landscapes

Comfortable forest paths through thick woods, circular routes with endless panorama views, trails to the peaks for the pros, paths with steel cables for surefooted mountain climbers, or gentle tours for the whole family – the possibilities which the Val Pusteria along with its side valleys offer their visitors are infinite.

The Kronplatz region encompasses a total of three unique nature parks, and the mountain worlds are also multifaceted: the Vedrette di Ries-Rieserferner area, the Fundres-Pfunders mountains, the Dolomites and the main ridge of the Alps.

Because many of the highlights of the Kronplatz region in South Tyrol such as the high alpine pastures of Fanes, the Fundres-Pfunderer Mountain Trail, or the numerous crosses at the peaks of the Dolomites are best reached by hiking.

Whether it is at the time of bewitchingly perfumy herbs and meadow flowers in the spring, or going through shady forests up to the cooler high elevations in the summertime, whether traversing colorful landscapes in autumn or leaving silent footprints in the winter – hiking is possible in the Kronplatz region throughout the entire year.


Hiking through the mountains of the Dolomites is always a back-to-nature experience. Around mount Kronplatz and the three main villages San Vigilio, Brunico and Valdaora there is a wide range of hiking tours in summer to choose from with lots of places stop off for refreshments along the way. After all that walking you can surely treat yourself to a typical hearty meal.


The Dolomites

“To the enchanted mountains I will carry you: to the pale, pink glowing cliffs that tower high above the earth, as sacrosanct as honor.”

(From The Dolomites and Their Legends by Karl Felix Wolff.)

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