G I R L P O W E R   A T   K R O N P L A T Z

On 3rd March 2018, the third Women’s Snow-Rugby tournament took place at Europe’s highest rugby grounds. 

Europe’s highest playing field at almost 2,300 m above sea level became the scene of intense duels, tears of joy and bitter defeats.


Four teams were fighting in this beautiful mountain scenery:

the “Ricce” Rugby Villorba, the “Valkyrie” fresh from the finale of the Snow Rugby in Tarvisio, the “Calvignare” from Calvisano and the “Yeti’s Ruggers”.

Based on the rules of beach rugby, the tournament will see teams of five play two five-minute games each with on-the-fly substitutions.

In an extremely dynamic setting, it features a series of extras including the two-second rule, i.e. the need to pass the ball on after a maximum of two seconds.

Even this year the snow rugby event was a great success.

Congratulations to the girls from Villorba – the “RICCE” – WINNER OF SNOW RUGBY 2018!



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