The second edition of the international Freestyle Festival – Kronplatz Air – is getting “BIGGER – HIGHER – STRONGER”.

This incredible show takes place at Gassl/Olang on the 9th and 10th of March where 24 international Ski & Snowboard Pro Riders are giving their best. After last year successful premiere South Tyrol’s most famous Big Air festival has established itself well in the freestyle and snowboard scene and it’s the event of the year.

Athletes from all over the world, like Mexico, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland and from the Netherlands are joining the show and are looking for the ultimate kick.

Our Southtyrolean top athletes; Ralph Welponer, Christoph Schenk, Lukas Schäfer and Simon Gruber accept the challenge and will show us their boldest stunts in front of a thrilled and applauding audience.

The international contestant field is crownd by two special guest of the freestyle scene; the Swedish freeskier and blogger Jon Olsson and the Olympic freeskier Luca Tribondeau.



The Kronplatz Air Festival combines spectacular sport with high quality music.

18 acts ensure a spectacular musical entertainment; goosebumps and party non-stop are guaranteed!

A great line up of well-known DJ’s like Pro Zeiko and different show acts like Shanti Powa SOUNDSYSTEM and Chaoz Club ft. Beestyle on our open-air stage are heating up the crowd.

2018 promises bigger airs, higher jumps and a phenomenal entertainment for everyone!


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